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With Riditti you don’t just pour flowers or a fragrant set of soaps for a summer. Your personalised booship makes the gift unique. Because we won’t conjure it up until after 24 hours.

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At the gift we stop and scratch lock with magic code. Through this way they discover that they have to exercise patience first. Because waiting a while makes the fun even greater.

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Was lucky enough to receive a Riditti gift. The 2 ladies who take care of the reception had even put the 24h in their agenda. They were eager to discover the secret. The whole office was curious. Really a very innovative and also an interesting idea to use doing business.

Jan Coninx


Today everything must be instant. Sometimes stopping the clock and enjoying what we have today is worth while. That’s what we do at Riditti. Testing your patience for 24 hours makes your message even more important. If of course, you can keep the secret for 24 hours yourself.

Trees De Bruyne


We particularly want to put the local entrepreneurship in the picture. All our products are homegrown. Our gifts must always make the whole family happy.

Hilde Pollet