The most original way to surprise someone!
This gift has a secret code.
After 24 hours, we’ll conjure up your
magic message.

The most original way to surprise someone

Give a gift and a touch of magic. It’s only after 24 hours that we’ll conjure up your message.

The gift that will be talked about for a long time

Surprise someone with a gift. It’s only 24 hours that we’ve been telling you.

A magical message

In this world of fleeting online booing, Riditti makes for an unforgettable moment.

Imagine. The postman will give you a bright gift, but we won’t tell you how and why.
The accompanying magical message and photo are not conjured up onlline until 24 hours later.
Choose from our selection or choose a photo yourself.

Are you ready to play the game?

Give a touch of magic!

Write your magic message. Choose one of our photos or add your own photo. At the gift, we put a scratch card with a secret code. The postman does the rest. The secret code leads to our website. Let the game begin.

Your identity is kept secret for 24 hours.

The secret code triggers a countdown clock. Patience is a beautiful virtue because
We won’t tell you anything for 24 hours. Your magic message remains hidden.
Who would this gift be from?

The pleasure of the discovery makes everyone happy

There’s talk of the gift. Who would it be from? Everyone starts searching. But it’s only after 24 hours that it’s time. We conjure up your message with accompanying photo playfully. Get ready for very surprising reactions and an unforgettable moment.

Write your magic message quickly

  • Zen

    Zen and tranquility


    A little ‘zen’ and unwinding works wonders. With Riditti you provide a message of peace and peace.

    Schenk nu!
  • Sorry

    Never too late


    It’s never too late to say sorry. Riditti your message will land even better

    Schenk nu!
  • Love

    I love you


    The most original way to give this special message. I love you being through Riditti a touch of magic.

    Schenk nu!

Are you looking for any more inspiration?
Discover the rest of our suggestions.
Or add your own picture.

Riditti on tour

I was fortunate to be allowed to receive a ‘ Riditti ‘. The 2 ladies who take care of the reception had even put the 24h in their agenda. They where that eager to discover the secret. The whole office was curious. Really a very innovative and also an interesting idea to use doing business.

Jan Coninx


Today everything must be instant. Sometimes stopping the clock and enjoying what we have today is worth while. That’s what we do at Riditti. By making you have to wait for 24 hours, the gift will be even more appreciated. If of course, you can keep the secret for 24 hours yourself.

Trees De Bruyne


We particularly want to put the local entrepreneurship in the picture. Florists are having an incredibly difficult time. The profession is heavily underestimated. That’s why we are so proud of our Florist network. Our gifts must always make the whole family happy.

Hilde Pollet


As a triathlete with thorough knowledge about nutrition, I quickly saw that many of the healthy snacks still contain too many fats, sugars, and additives. Together with our professionals, we select those snacks that are really healthy! Thanks to Riditti, you can now add a surprise element on top.



-Founder Just Bite

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