The Secret gift that makes your day.

Giving is as much fun as receiving

Riditti keeps your identity a secret for 24 hours. Can you play hide and seek for so long?

You'll always remember this gift

After 24 hours you will discover who was your secret sender. Fun assured.

Send a mystery

Give a gift through Riditti and play hide and seek. We’ll keep your identity a secret With the gift comes a magic code that refers to our website.

24 Hours long

The Magic code gives access to our website. Your identity remains a secret. The message is ‘come back in 24 hours ‘.

Keep the excitement going

The gift becomes the subject of the day. Who is that generous giver? After 24 hours, your message will be revealed. Riditti, the gift you will never forget.

Best Selling Product

  • Green in the House


    Plants are back and super popular. Via Riditti, you won’t know who this generous donor was for 24 hours. That makes giving as much fun as receiving a gift.

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  • Sale!

    Surprising flower gift

    55,00 50,00

    Imagine one of our floristen calling with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But no one knows who they are. Only after 24 hours do we reveal the secret. Riditti, the gift you’ll never forget.

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  • Make Healthy snacks fun


    Just imagine that you get a box full of 100 natural healthy snacks. But for 24 hours you don’t know who donated them. Hilarity insured for more than 24 hours.

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Our gift selection

Stop looking. The most original way to surprise someone. The best way to give a surprise is via Riditti. Discover our selection but our catalog will be more enjoyable by the day.

Say it with flowers

Men also love the floral creations of our local florists.


Snacking is healthy. A treat for everyone.

Riditti on tour

Riditti on tour

It was nice to be invited to the ex-colleagues of ROB-TV. This time, not for working behind the scenes but to promote Riditti. Great.

D-Day on ROB

Time to air. The recordings at ROB are broadcasted. A ‘ short moment of fame ‘ because we are recognized in our village. Are you those I’ve seen on ROB… Say Riditti out loud and can I also order without a computer?


We planned to expand our range for a while but then our website had to undergo a real metamorphosis. Meanwhile, it is so far. Subscribe to our newsletter as you will discover our newest products first.

I was fortunate to be allowed to receive a ‘ Riditti ‘. The 2 ladies who take care of the reception had even put the 24h in their agenda. They where that eager to discover the secret. The whole office was curious. Really a very innovative and also an interesting idea to use doing business.

Jan Coninx


Today everything must be instant. Sometimes stopping the clock and enjoying what we have today is worth while. That’s what we do at Riditti. By making you have to wait for 24 hours, the gift will be even more appreciated. If of course, you can keep the secret for 24 hours yourself.

Trees De Bruyne


We particularly want to put the local entrepreneurship in the picture. Florists are having an incredibly difficult time. The profession is heavily underestimated. That’s why we are so proud of our Florist network. Our gifts must always make the whole family happy.

Hilde Pollet


As a triathlete with thorough knowledge about nutrition, I quickly saw that many of the healthy snacks still contain too many fats, sugars, and additives. Together with our professionals, we select those snacks that are really healthy! Thanks to Riditti, you can now add a surprise element on top.



-Founder Just Bite

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