Some beautiful words, a touch of magic and this Riditti gift you will never forget.

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For no reason


Who will be the lucky one?

Chose a summer long of flowers thanks to these flower seeds or chose for the fragant soaps
Flowerseed mix +
Fragant soaps +

Where can we deliver the gift?

The delivery costs are calculated based on the adress.

When can we deliver the gift?



You don't always have to have reason to surprise someone.

The most original gift you will enjoy together for a long time to come.

Write a nice message.
If you want to make it even more personal, add your own picture.
Let us know when your gift may be delivered.

We prepare everything with care. Our mailman does the rest.
Your gift includes a scratch card with a secret code.
It is only after 24 hours that they discover your message through this secret code via

Are you playing the game?


Riditti, the secret gift that makes your day!