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The bouquet is put in a central place and is the topic of conversation of the day.

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Discover our success formulas. Choose to give one bouquet. Take a bundle of 3 bouquets to donate in 3 months. Or go resolutely for a year-long flower package of 12 bouquets. Guaranteed that you will never forget another birthday.

Via our online platform, you simply tell us who you want to surprise and when. Add a nice message and photo to it and we’ll do the rest. We guarantee perfect service and quality thanks to our network of local florists.

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Men also love flowers

Did you know that research has shown that 87% of the men also like to be surprised with a flower. Flowers generate a long-lasting sense of happiness.

“This was the most original way to tell us good news, and after a lot of bad luck at the yard, our electrician was able to start the work in time, so it was great, and what an original way to report that.” Sofie

Mother of 2 kids