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Facebook 19 april om 14:42

Was lucky to receive a ‘riditti’. The 2 ladies who take care of the reception had even put the 24 hours in their agenda, they were so curious! The whole office was curious. Really a very innovative and also commercially interesting concept.

Jan Coninx

Lawyer, Odigo Advocaten

Discover the power of word of mouth

Do you remember how fun it was to play hide and seek in the past? That is hat you do with Riditti. Give a bouquet of flowers through one of our local florists and only after 24 hours will they discover who you are and will they see your personal message.

Three good reasons to work with Riditti

Keep it simple smart

Simplify your administration and order your bouquets online via Riditti. Then you will just receive an invoice in your mailbox with the name of who received the bouquet. No more searching for a visa card or complex procedures.

Joint promo

You can also promote your company through Riditti. Do you have a nice product that you want to offer? Or do you know how to pamper customers? Invite them via Riditti to get to know your company too.

Joint adventure

Do you have a product or service that you would like to sell in an original way? Then you have come to the right place. You can use Riditti to also market your services and services. A bouquet of flowers with a surplus.

Our concept is simple but unique

Imagine that your customers are going to buy more.
That they will promote your products and in this way recruit new customers for you.
Discover quickly what Riditti, our new online and direct marketing tool can do for you.


Curiosity is a strong asset. By waiting 24 hours for your personal message, it will certainly be read. Ideal for betting on a new marketing campaign or if you want your message to linger long.

Focus on satisfied customers

Did you know that an oral recommendation is the first reason to buy? What if the customer service gets that dissatisfied customer back to smiling. Chances are that he stays on board and recommends you to friends or acquaintances.

Make a customer happy

Reward loyal customers

Attracting a new customer is 5 to 7 times more expensive than keeping existing customers. Use Riditti as a personal touch on the sales department to reward loyal customers. Who knows, they will become your greatest ambassadors.

Riditti delivers across Belgium thanks to our network of local florists. Discover them here.
“I used Riditti to thank my staff. I have never received so many big reactions. Especially because they were delivered to them at home. They loved it. “ Jan Polfliet

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