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Advertising in 1, 2, 3

Our flower camapaigns are simple but unique.

Send us your 5 preferred addresses. We add another 10 carefully selected new leads. Choose a nice photo and give us your personal message. Once we have received all the information, we will get to work. We launch one of our flower campaigns and make 15 people happy.

Payment is easy after receipt of our invoice by mail.

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A 'flowercampaign' starting from 295€

Start today with this very unique way of campaigning.

Make 15 people happy but reach many more people via word-of-mouth.

We guarantee with 100% certainty that your message will be read.

Advertising with a heart

Surf mee op de ‘joint-promo’s’ van Riditti.

De verrassingsboeketten worden geleverd door één van onze lokale floristen

Na levering houden we jouw identiteit 24 uur geheim. Over het boeket wordt gesproken. We trekken volop de kaart van mond-tot-mond reclame.

Succes verzekerd

We join forces

Our flower campaigns are real ‘Joint Promos’ so you not only get your own customers in the spotlight but also generate new valuable leads.

Our concept is simple but unique

Imagine that your customers are going to buy more.
That they will promote your products and in this way recruit new customers for you.
Discover quickly what Riditti, our new online and direct marketing tool can do for you.


Curiosity is a strong asset. By waiting 24 hours for your personal message, it will certainly be read. Ideal for betting on a new marketing campaign or if you want your message to linger long.

Focus on satisfied customers

Did you know that an oral recommendation is the first reason to buy? What if the customer service gets that dissatisfied customer back to smiling. Chances are that he stays on board and recommends you to friends or acquaintances.

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Reward loyal customers

Attracting a new customer is 5 to 7 times more expensive than keeping existing customers. Use Riditti as a personal touch on the sales department to reward loyal customers. Who knows, they will become your greatest ambassadors.

Riditti levert over gans België dankzij ons netwerk van lokale floristen. Ontdek ze hier.

“I used Riditti to thank my staff. I have never received so many big reactions. Especially because they were delivered to them at home. They loved it. “ Jan Polfliet

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