Frequently Asked Question

You have received a Riditti gift

The gift includes a card with a scratch layer. Remove the scratch layer because below is your magic code. Surf to and fill in your magic code. If it is good you will discover the continuation of the story.
Keep your magic code well.

Lost Magic Code?

The gift was a card with a magic code. Have you lost the ticket? Send an email to We’ll give you the code again.

No, our suppliers also know nothing

The identity of the generous donor is also not known to our suppliers. So you don’t have to insist on them. Patience is a beautiful virtue.

Riditti for companies

Riditti is also ideal for companies. You have one supplier for all your promotional gifts or loyalty actions. We guarantee that your message will be read.
The administration via a monthly invoice is also possible. Just send an email to and we’ll gladly make an appointment for a proposal tailored to your needs. We like to be creative and make the best offer possible.

How does it work?

The concept is simple. Through our site you will provide us with all the information. We’ll do the rest. Your gift will be personalized with your personal message. Our suppliers deliver the gift together with a card with a magic code. On our website you enter this magic code. Then the timer starts to run. Only 24 hours later you will discover the personal message of the mystery sender.

Why is an email address useful?

We deliver via Bpost They are responsible for a perfect delivery and service. Because the gift is sent as a package and we need to be able to trace it, an email is useful. If after delivery the magic code is not used we also send 1 reminder email. For the recipient, whoever donated the gift always remains a secret.

Turnaround time.
We need to be able to link your personal message to the Magic code. Therefore, we cannot deliver the same day.
Your message is the icing on the cake

Your message is the icing on the cake. You can choose. Or choose one of our tickets from our collection. Or you’re going to get started. Choose your own photo or opt for your own video message.

Any questions or suggestions? Contact us

You sit with an urgent question just contact us via mail or give us a call + 32 496 52 12 08.