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Opt for a summer long flowers or an assortment of brightly scented soaps.
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Flowers for a summer or….

Choose mother nature and pour flowers for a summer of flowers thanks to this flower seed. Or opt for an assortment of bright soaps.

Opt for a bright floral scent.

This nice assortment of bright-smelling soaps is now certainly useful. Or you can choose a summer long flowers and an ode to mother nature.

Discover our best selection of flower seeds.


This blend contains more than 13 types of flowers that bloom at different times. Some species do well on nutrient-poor soil, others do better or nutrient-rich soil. This makes this border mix suitable for all types of borders.

Our border mix includes: african, thousand-clean, gypsum herb, marigold, judaspenning, juffertje-in-green, poppy, cornflower, low-standing sunflower, lion’s mouth, evening primrose, nightcap and Zinnia elegans. This seed mix does not contain grass seed or other padding.

Good for about 2 square meters of floral splendor. Sow it on bare-spattered soil.



A mix of different flowers that do well on a sunny field or in the roadside These species are also very suitable for bees and butterflies. All species except the evening primrose are one-year-old, which means they bloom in the same year as they are sown. If the bloom is successful, these species will create new seeds and metastasize themselves for the next year.

This blend contains the only following 10 varieties: red poppy, cosmea, chamomile, cornflower, large evening flower, safflower, low sunflower, zinnia elegans dahlia flower, flax, gypsum herb.

Our mix is good for about 2 square meters of floral splendour.


Wild bees and honeybees extract their nectar and pollen from flowers. This seed mix contains the following types: bee feed (Phacelia), blue cornflower, dill, yellow mustard, gypsum herb, judaspenning, juffertje-in-green, cabbage fire (summer adonis), coriander, low-standing sunflower,, lion’s mouth, East Indian cherry, red poppy, safflower, flax, zinnia elegans, sweet yellow lupine

The species are one-year-old, which means that in April sowing immediately 6 weeks after that the flowering begins. Flowering persists until autumn, not every species will flower at the same time.

Our seed mix is good for about 4m2 of floral splendour. Sow it on bare-spattered soil.

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